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If you came here, you will know already my site and my podcasts Arkos Academy! 😊
My name is Susanna and I welcome you to this new section of the ACCADEMIA that combines Italian grammar and listening.
If you want to improve your Italian further and wish to keep it trained, I suggest you join my ACCADEMIA, where you can experience Italian language to the fullest!

Let's start: let's review Italian grammar with short and easy podcasts and then practice what you've learnt in ACCADEMIA!

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Susanna - Arkos Academy
Susanna - Arkos Academy

I studied Languages and Translations at the University of Padua and Udine, graduating with honors and I did studied in France, Great Britain, Spain and Russia.
I have learned and can speak English, French, Spanish and I have some knowledge of Russian and German.
These studies allowed me to be on the student’s side: I know what the difficulties of a foreign language can be, from every point of view.
I have been teaching Italian to foreign students for more than six years and in this period I was lucky enough to meet over one hundred students from all over the world, many of whom are still continuing their studies with the Arkos Academy.

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